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Track Title: Cant Help Falling In Love

Artist: Elvis Presley


Wise men say,

Only fools rush in,

But I can’t help, falling in love with you….

Shall I stay?

Would It be a sin?If I can’t help, falling in love with you…
Like a river flows, surely to the seaDarling so it goes, Some things are meant to be

Take my hand, take my whole life too, For I can’t help, falling in love with you…
Like a river flows, surely to the sea

Darling so it goes, some things are meant to be

Take my hand

Take my whole life too
For I can’t help, falling in love with youFor I can’t helpFalling in loveWith you


Did they just switch outfits? extra touch of the tie


          The One With Beach Wedding (and everyone lives)

Stiles always knew his wedding will be on a beach only with his closest friends and family. What he didn’t know was that he’s gonna marry the man of his life that means so much for him.
When they finally stood there, eye to eye, the slightest grin appeared on Stiles’ face. He looked at the girls behind Derek - Lydia, Allison, Erica, Cora and Kira, all of them holding flowers and smiling, boys on the other side. Including Peter, who just wanted to see his nephes finally happy. Scott proudly shook his head with approval, still not believing his two best friends are going to be married in a few minutes. Jackson, Boyd and Liam stood there, waiting for the ceremony to begin.
Derek was the first to read his vow to Stiles. He looked at the beautiful young man standing in front of him and started reading his vow.
"Stiles, when we first met, I thought you’re just a hyperactive teenager that’s going to make so much trouble. Well, I guess I was right," Stiles chuckled way more than he should.

"All of the memories, all the days we’ve spent together. Every morning with you, every minute with you is a gift from heaven. I didn’t believe I could ever be happy in my life but then you came into my heart. You’ve kept fighting for me and still are. I’ll never forget our first beach sunset when I finally knew that you’re the one. I whispered I love you into your ear and the spark in your eyes was all I needed. You make me happy again and for everything you do for me, I will always love you. I love you, Stiles. You’re the most perfect and beautiful man and I’ve ever seen. Every day from now, I’ll always remind you that I love you.” Derek stopped and hid the paper with vow into the pocket. When he looked at Stiles, he was illuminated by sunset, revealing one little tear in his eye. After a few seconds of silence, Stiles said:

"I love you with all my heart, Derek. I love every inch of my sourwolf. You are blue to my orange. And that will never change because I love you." He reached for Derek’s neck and kissed him on the lips. Everything went according to plan. Stiles said Yes, Derek said Yes and finally, they belong to each other.


friendly reminder that if i have ever befriended you and have not spoken to you in a while it’s nothing you’ve done wrong it’s just because i’m a piece of shit at keeping in contact with people and i still love you okay good


Y ou know in the first film and in “The Avengers” it was kind of a punch punch kick kick which is great but you had to show why this guy belongs on the Avengers so we just wanted to try and step up the power and speed in his fighting ability… I did gymnastics which was something I kinda wanted to do in my life anyway, for years I was like “you know what.. I think I’m gonna take gymnastics” you know it would be fun to flip and tumble and spin. But he has very aerial combat style so we said I think we wanna try and cooperate this more fluid approach to fighting so we put me in some gymnastics classes . . When the Russos first told me  they were like ” it’s pretty early but I think we’re getting for Pierce” and you don’t know who they gonna say , you never know who they gonna say in the marvel world and they said Robert Redford and I literally was like .. “look ..listen .. listen whatever I’m getting for this movie he can have it.”

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