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When we were in there, you said, uh you know, before you did the thing with the bomb, you said what you said.


A Kingdom of procrastination and it looks like I’m the Queen.


this man kills bloodthirsty monsters

this man stopped the apolocalypse

this man was important enough for God to have him dragged out of hell

Ian Bohen answering all our prayers by finally doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (x)


if your teenage years are meant for experimenting with relationships i’m fucked

#hoechlin with glasses and that smile #and Holland happily eating her gummies.







sorry, the quality is terrible, but I wanted to gif Stiles’s trail (✿◡‿◡)

um, also, can we just talk about how much strength it would take to BREAK A FUCKING BAT, EVEN ON A WEREWOLF? LIKE. GODDAMN, STILES. GODDAMN.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s actually something you can do.

My headcanon is that his spark gives him random superpowers when he’s stressed or in danger. He can’t consciously control it. At least that’s how he defends himself when his dad walks in on him and Derek in bed and Stiles suddenly becomes invisible.

Please tell me he turns Derek invisible too. Or does the Sheriff just walk in and see Derek lying naked in his son’s bed?

Stiles would not be getting laid anytime soon after that, just saying.

I was thinking about this. My 2c is that it was two things: the bat had a hairline fracture (from being used for years by Melissa for banging stuck taps around the house, whacking balls for stress relief, etc.), and Stiles is actually bloody strong, but has a totally warped body image because he compares himself to those with werewolf powers.

He still thinks he’s a weedy weakling, because everyone around him is like x10 human, but he actually pretty much keeps up with them and doesn’t even notice. All he sees is were he doesn’t match up. Against regular humans who aren’t in the Werewolf Training Regimen (ie. people who aren’t Hunters, human wolf-pack members, or pack-adjacent Supernatural beings), he’d now actually rank close to an elite athlete. There’s just no regular human to compare himself with, so he doesn’t even know.

There’s some circumstantial evidence for this. Two hours holding someone else’s weight in a swimming pool? That’s amazing; I doubt I could have done that when I was in training and I was a bloody strong swimmer. And Stiles is even fitter now than he was then. Training in a Lacrosse team made up of werewolves? That would do a lot for speed and strength training, and agility as well (and Stiles was already agile enough to climb roofs and things), but of course the werewolves would also be getting better due to the training, so Stiles wouldn’t see how much he’s improving.

In short, Stiles is really, really fit, but thinks he’s all brains and no brawn. I kinda want stories in which he suddenly realises how awesome his fitness is, when he accidentally outclasses athletes, and they’re like, “Man, what’s your training method? Where do you get your juice?” And Stiles laughs so hard he hurts himself.

I like the spark idea too, btw, I just don’t think it’s the explanation in this particular situation. I think his spark is closely mapped to his intuition and problem-solving skills. He believes he can do something due to skill, and the spark bends the odds more in his favour, so he actually pulls it off without realising he’s done something impossible.

Really, I enjoy the meta here, ya’ll raise good points, and I can see both the spark and ‘physically stronger than he thinks’ theories. But my brain is still focused on happy trail.